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You must have to get 508 compliance when you are going to start online services. What if someone cannot access to the amazing products you have shown on your website? It is possible when an individual is visually disable. They hardly can see anything and your website is overlooked for the same reason. 508 Compliance is something that can take your website out of this hassle. With a single line of code embedded in your website’s backend, your website can meet the accessibility criteria of WCAG 2.0 AA and the particular website can be seen by every individual according to their preference. The conventional 508 Compliance services usually take a prolonged time and complicated programming which can take your precious time. For the lengthier websites, the conventional 508 could take almost 2400 hours for 200 operable pages and it can take even longer for the PDF.

Why it is important?

With the single line of code, your site will automatically meet WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility. If you embed the code in your website, you would be able to see an icon on top of your website that will ensure you about the accessibility. There you can find multiple useful functionalities. Rehabilitation Act 1973 was amended by Congress in 1998 to require Federal agencies to make internet accessible to people with disabilities. Although it’s only required for Federal agencies, Section 508 accessibility should be crucial to all businesses. It is unavailable information hinders the ability to acquire and utilize technology quickly and easily. Section 508 was legislate to dismiss obstacles in information technology, present new freedoms for individuals with disabilities. It also development of technologies that will help accomplish these goals. The General Services Administration has been appoint the test of educating federal employees and cast the infrastructure essential.

Get proper understanding of 508:

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