5 Mistakes You Must Avoid When You Buy Bicycle Stickers

When you go shopping for a Bicycle Stickers, you need to be wary of the bicycle shopkeeper. Although they are bicycle hobbyists themselves (which means they are experts when it comes to bicycles), you should go further beyond the basics. Often times, they are more busy selling you the things you do not need.

Know about the nature of bicycle tires

Did you know that tire pressure can dissipate? This is because there are micro-sized holes in the rubber surface. You might not know because the loss of air is gradual. But as a rule of thumb, you should inflate or refill air every few weeks or so.

Know your valves

In the market, there are two types; the ‘presta’ and ‘shrader’. What are the differences between these two valves? ‘Presta’ valve will be smaller and look thinner that come with the inner tubes. Meanwhile, ‘shrader’ valves are commonly seen on car tires with a bigger size. When buying an extra inflater, buy the one that is suitable for your valve type. As an alternative, look for adapters that make it possible to inflate the smaller ‘presta’ types.

If you have a mountain bike, forget about the stand

A stand or a kick stand should avoided. This is because when riding a mountain bike, you will always be vibrating a lot through bumpy rides. If not careful, the stand might get in your way if it (kick stand) accidentally comes down.

If you wear cycling shorts

Make sure you wear them only by themselves. You should never wear anything else underneath the bike shorts, not even your underwear. This is to prevent any bruising or skin rubbing problems later on.

Beware of stickers that make false claims

For example, a sticker that says “Designed in America” might not be entirely true. This particular case is very common in the United States of America. Ask the store owner for its real country of origin.

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