Sugar Land Prayer Times – Five Daily Prayers

Sugar Land Prayer Times – Five Daily Prayers – Prayer Times San Diego


This is the primary prayer of the day at dawn. Islamic lifestyle distinguishes distinctive times for dawn: while the first mild appears at the horizon, alternatively vertical (like the “tail of a wolf” as way of life says), and then, after this first mild disappears, while the mild of the early day spreads horizontally across the horizon.

The primary dawn is known as “subh kadhib” or “fajr-al-mustateel” and the second “subh sadiq” or “fajr-al-mustatir”. Fajr is to be prayed at the second dawn, subh sadiq. But, as we provide an explanation for underneath, adjustments should be made for higher latitudes in which the glow of the day in no way disappears in summer season and never seems in wintry weather.

Zuhr or duhur:

The noon prayer simply as the solar declines after having reached its highest position inside the sky (zenith). Zuhr is prayed 5 mins after zenith.


The mid-afternoon prayer. The time of this prayer is decided consistent with the length of the shadow of a stick planted in the ground. Consistent with the most important colleges of jurisprudence in islam: maliki, shafi’i, hanbali, hanafi and ja’afriyah (shia), the length of the shadow with recognize to that of the stick is calculated otherwise (factors varying from one to 2). We deliver underneath the info of these various options. Most of these traditions are legitimate and worthy of respect. We go away the selection of the college to the consumer.


The prayer at sunset. However, physical elements together with refraction and additionally material elements like the height of a building in a metropolis or the unfold of this city lead us to restoration the time of this prayer three mins after the theoretical time of sundown as it seems in newspapers. The shia way of life units the maghrib prayer 17 mins after the theoretical placing of the solar. In our tables, we’ve got retained handiest the primary option: 3 mins after sundown.


The night time prayer at nightfall. Simply as for fajr, islamic culture distinguishes times of nightfall, both called “shafaq”. After sundown, the sky is first ablaze with a crimson color. This is “shafaq al ahmar”. Later, the pink coloration disappears, leaving room for a whiteness of the sky. This is “shafaq al abyad”. The length of those stages will increase with altitude. The essential schools of islam repair the isha prayer either on the disappearance of shafaq al ahmar or on the disappearance of shafaq al abyad. Both traditions are valid and, like for asr, we leave the selection to the user. But, as for fajr, adjustments are vital for isha at better latitudes when shafaq al abyad nearly never disappears in summer time. In such cases we are able to either use a combination of shafaq al ahmar and shafaq al abyad referred to as “shafaq trendy” or use other strategies that have the consensus of the islamic community. We are able to provide an explanation for these strategies inside the following.

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