A Brief Guide about Benefits of Augmented Reality for Business

Augmented Reality is a very interesting addition to the field of technology. This makes you feel that you are interacting with your surroundings. This technology is combining the data from a physical world to the one that is created with the help of digital tools.

Augmented or Virtual- What’s the Difference?

Both virtual and augmented realities offer you the experience through the 3D high definition audio and video. But still, there is a huge difference between these technologies. VR is completely immersive and it will put a user into isolated reality whereas the AR is partly immersive. In the world of augmented reality technology, the user can look around with the help of artificial objects of the expanded layer.

In AR, the computer algorithm will be using the sensors and markers to spot the current position of physical objects also they will determine the location of simulated ones. After this technology, they will render the picture that will appear on the camera.

VR will be using similar markers and math algorithms but remember that the environment is completely simulated. Once the user turns his head or moves eyes, the graphic will react accordingly to provide an immersive experience.

AR Market Expansion

According to statistics, the AR/VR market will expand up to $150 billion by 2020. In addition to this, the augmented reality will be getting a share of $120 billion in the market whereas the VR will get only $30 billion.

Benefits of Augmented Reality for Business

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits of the AR in business:


AR can help you in accelerate the building processes at the factory. Project managers will monitor the work progress in real-time using AR markers on equipment. Other than this, it will also save a ton of time using digital maps and plants so you will be just pointing a device into a location to see how the piece of a machine will fit into the final construction.


Developing augmented reality Android or iOS applications will allow us to discovers new experiences both for offline and online shopping. Virtual fitting rooms will allow the users to pick the right size and choose the will reduce the purchase returns. The same will be the case with the car color new furniture in your apartment. Furthermore, don’t forget that you will be also using this technology for promotional campaigns adding AR on supportive materials.

Travel and Tourism

GPS mobile apps with the AR will show the tourist the routes and directions to desirable destinations. They will translate the signs on the street, will provide you information about sightseeing. So, if you are going to develop a GPS navigation app, then you should think about adding AR feature and this will be a competitive advantage.

Education and Training

AR in education will brings truly unlimited possibilities for the teaching and learning process. Additional reality will offer the unique cognition path with immersive real-life simulations. The medical students can try their first surgeries without injuring patients and future astronauts can prepare for the next space mission.

Hope now you are having a clear understanding that how much the AR will be beneficial for us. Do share your thoughts, how you see AR changing our lives in the future?

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