Astrology & the Presidential Election 2020 – Trump vs Biden polls

Astrology & the Presidential Election 2020 – Trump vs Biden polls

Entering into the arena of political prediction is a murky area for an astrologer. My non-public role is that i’m for the best of all humanity, i want whoever wins to have a natural coronary heart and smart mind, i want the candidate who will uplift and do what’s proper for the u . S ., for all of humanity, and the planet. I’m now not a flesh presser, i’m virtually presenting what i see astrologically for the presidential race. Astrology offers perception into the nature of people and what the universe is looking us to do.

Whilst an astrologer is seeking to make a prediction she or he appears on the symbols and from there makes a judgment primarily based upon the symbolic language of the planets.

This election could be very difficult as there are many blended messages as to who will win. The best symbol for the election is that everybody appears to be amazed in a few way. One element is sure the astrology is pronouncing that election day can be some thing however regular and that the consequences can marvel many humans. That in itself would imply that mccain may want to win as obama is predicted to win. But i do no longer think to be able to appear.

While we look at the day of the election we’re looking on the emotional symbols around the candidates for the symbols that might represent victory, fulfillment, accomplishment and being satisfied. When someone wins a hard fought fight one might anticipate a sense of elation with a view to accompany that victory, while a person loses we’d expect a sense of being deflated. In very simplistic phrases we need to see who looks the happiest. Mccain has a venus thing, despite the fact that minor, getting some thing he wishes, the bigger have an effect on points returned to the date that he become taken prisoner of warfare and is indicating he is entering a time of his existence that the choices he made then come to fruition and crowning glory. Mccain’s chart also display that he can have a “date with future” by way of the beginning of december, that means that he can be taking up some thing new in his life in an effort to satisfy what he feels he needs to do on this existence. This does not suggest that he may be president, and it doesn’t suggest he won’t: it is indicating he is set to make major adjustments in what he has been doing to satisfy a undertaking he feels is important.

Obama’s chart also indicates he’ll lose something this is valuable to him, but in mild of the health of his grandmother, (she is still alive at the time of this text) it may no longer be that he loses the presidential race he has been fighting for however his grandmother.

I suppose the most telling chart isn’t in the charts of the presidential applicants, however inside the chart of sarah palin.

There are three motives why i think that senator Biden polls will win the presidential race.

1.) the day of the inauguration he has several indicators of being in the public eye.
2.) in michelle’s chart it indicates she can be concerned round her children for the next couple of years and their college might be changing, and that they will be shifting.
Three.) the night of and following day of the election sarah palin chart is indicating that she might be very irritated.

All of those impacts may be manifested in other occasions, which includes palin being angry does no longer imply that mccain loses, it can imply her children do or say some thing that embarrass her and she is mad at them. When you observe an astrological have an effect on you need to make a conclusion approximately wherein and the way you think the have an impact on will take place. The only and maximum uncomplicated manner to are expecting the astrological affect which is gift on november 4th 2008 is to mention the candidate that isn’t always expected to win will win, however my end is that obama wins after a day of chaos on the polls.

Whoever wins we understand has a totally difficult job in advance of them, the chart of the usa is in very awful form, indicating financial ruin, persisted disruption, and financial troubles. But the country appears to come back together in june of 2009, that whoever wins can pull collectively the divisiveness and unite the usa in desire and expectation. As hard as the upcoming charts imply there’s the safety and gift from jupiter; optimism, wish, and with it the opportunity to analyze so one can take us to a higher destiny.

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