Buy AWS Accounts – Online File Storage

Buy AWS Accounts, we all have many files that must be stored online. There are our product files, our ebooks, videos and audios for our courses and sales pages, etc. The problem, however, is that, when we use our own domain to store our files. We use up our server space and slow our servers down. (If you read the small print, there are very specific limits to even “unlimited” hosting plans, and when you exceed these limits, it can get very expensive.) The other issue is that most web hosts aren’t design to stream audio and video in the most efficient way. So when your customers or prospects try to watch the videos or listen to the audios. It can take some time for them “stream” before they actually start playing.

There are many solutions for this, but one of the easiest and least expensive is a service provided by calls S3.

For a brief “geeky” explanation of what S3 is, Amazon realized they has so much server space available. That wasn’t being utilize that they could rent it out to anyone for a very small fee. They set up the “cloud” service called AWS (Amazon Web Services) and created the S3 service. “S3” means “Simple Storage Service” and it is just that. You can set up an account for free, then they charge you a very nominal fee for the amount of data you store and the amount of “bandwidth”. You use when you upload the files and when your customers download or access them.

As an example of how much it can cost, we have many GB of data stored there, many videos. And audios and most of our PDF ebooks, and our monthly bill has never yet reached even $10.

What makes Amazon S3 a great solution to your online file storage problems is that, unlike your web hosting services. It is truly unlimited (you just pay for what you use) and Amazon makes sure that they are able to deliver those files in the quickest possible way. What that means for you is that, when one of your customers. Or prospects tries to watch one of your videos or listen to one of your audios. There is very little delay with the presentation actually starting.

It has proven that the more audio and/or video you use in your online marketing, the more sales you can make. Finding an inexpensive and efficient way to store and access these media files can greatly enhance your business and Amazon S3 is a great solution.

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