Cheap Glasses

When shopping for a pair of new glasses you might want to consider purchasing one of several cheap glasses. While most people associate the word cheap with poor quality this is not always the case. Some people may simply need to wear glasses for reading. These glasses are generally design with magnifying lenses so the print is larger for the person to see. They can found at retail stores for less than $20 a pair.

The type of lens you need in your glasses will depend on what correction your eyes need. Astigmatism is something that occurs because the corneal region of the eye is curved a little more than it should be. This can result in the person having blurred vision which is different than people that are near or far sighted. The amount of money you decide to spend on your pair of glasses may depend on how often you need to wear them.

Someone who requires wearing their glasses all the time may decide to spend the extra money to get a pair of more expensive designer frames. There are several top name designers that create frames for both sunglasses and eyeglasses. You may find designers such as Prada, DKNY or Versace available from specialty lens shops. The price of these designer frames can be anywhere from $150 to $300. You may also choose to have the lenses of your glasses tinted or coated with a non-glare resin.

People who don’t require wearing their glasses all the time can find much cheaper frames available if they want to save money. Some individuals only need to wear them for driving or close work such as with a computer. You will find various frames available at major department stores that offer vision testing as one of their services. Some may even offer special discount prices for having your vision check through their facility. If you are someone that has a tendency to misplace and lose your glasses or accidentally step on them, then choosing a less expensive pair would be a wise choice. The cheaper frames are still make with good quality products and are available in several various styles.

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