Helmets with Bluetooth: Advantages and Disadvantages

Find out whether or not motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth are legal and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

Hands-free systems serve to talk on the phone or listen to music inside the vehicle. These are the order of the day and most new car models already have them integrated. In the case of motorcycles, their use is more complicated.

Today, there are motorcycle helmet systems with Bluetooth that allow the rider to communicate.

What are the advantages of this type of motorcycle helmet?

The bluetooth motorcycle helmet equipped with Bluetooth technology will allow you to connect your helmet to a mobile device and therefore be able to send and receive calls without using your hands.

With them, you can also listen to the radio or your favorite Spotify music lists while riding. In addition, these offer you the necessary information to carry out a route thanks to the acoustic indications of the GPS system, without having to place the mobile phone on a holder and having to distract yourself by looking at the screen while you are using it.

What are the disadvantages of this type of motorcycle helmet?

The use of these devices also has drawbacks, especially related to confusion that can cause accidents. Therefore and despite the fact that they are permitted systems, they should only be used in emergencies to avoid losing attention to the road.

Although its operation does not imply wearing any earphones in the ear, the perception of ambient sound can be somewhat reduced, so it can be somewhat dangerous to make long calls.

What are the best motorcycle hands-free brands?

You can opt for different models. These are the brands most used by motorcyclists due to the quality of their components and the results they offer:

EyeLights: The brand provides motorcycle helmet HUDs and intercom systems for motorcyclists, which are compatible with any type of device and smartphone.

Carchet: Its products seek the total experience for the motorcyclist, that is. Within this brand you will find Bluetooth audio systems that will undoubtedly live up to your expectations.

Excelvan: The brand is specialize in the marketing and manufacture of accessories design to use with mobile devices. Their products have a wide quality at a very affordable price.

Sena: It has very competitive prices and has great quality. Especially derived from the functionalities of its devices and the comfort for the user.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth. What will cost you the most is to decide on the one you like the most of all the models that are currently market.

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