The Surf Leash Tie

The surf leash tie is a small piece of equipment, a little rope, that surfers use to tie their leash to their surfboard. One end of the leash is tied to the surfboard with the leash tie; the other end of the leash is wrapped around the surfer’s ankle, where it Velcros shut

Surfers don’t usually grab onto their surfboard before ending a ride. They just fall into the water, usually without wanting to stop the ride. The wave causes them to fall, and at the high speed they’re going along the surface of the water, their surfboard would continue shooting across the water without them on it, if not for the leash.

Finding Your Board After a Wipe Out

The surfer comes back to the surface thinking, “Where’s my board?” It’s a good idea to come up with your hands or arms covering your face, just in case the board hits you in the head. If it hits you hard enough, it could knock you out, and you’d drown. It’s also a good idea to tug on the leash while still under the water, in order to get a good idea of where the board is. It’s important to stay under the water until you’re sure your board has moved closer to the beach than where you are, before coming up. This means a wave isn’t likely to slam the board into your head when you come up to the surface.

Tie Weakness

Leashes are make to be very durable, and can withstand some major pressure. Water tugs at the board, tries to rip it away from you at times. And the leash is design to withstand this kind of abuse. Ties, on the other hand, aren’t made nearly as well. Sometimes they break, and if yours breaks, your surfboard will leave you, well, high and wet. You could be 100 yards out and suddenly not have a board to paddle back to shore on. This is a dangerous situation, so it’s important that you have a very durable leash tie.

Let’s Say Your Tie Breaks

Let’s say this happens to you. You’re out for a surf, having a great time on a sunny day, and your tie snaps. You come back up after going under water during a fun and exhilarating wipe out. And your board has continued making its way to shore without you. So you start swimming toward the beach.

Once you get back to shore, you have quite another problem all together. If you’ve located your board, you have just about everything you need to surf again. Your leash stayed attached to your ankle, but you don’t have a way to tie the leash to the surfboard; the tie snapped and you need a new one.

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