Things to Know About Elite Kick bands AFL Tips

The Enjoyment of Elite Kick bands AFL tipping is incredible and totally fit for everyone who enjoys AFL. As its energetic and almost addictive feel of endorphin rush along side the thrills of some really grand prizes being on offer thee days. The whole year 2010 has seen most tippers rejoicing as the competition have grown to most amazing proportions with some brand new ways to claim all the glory and fun with tons of prizes.

The AFL tipping prizes are given in many categories and shapes, you can win not only the grand prize. But also the runners up and second runners up prizes. With Sony Play Station AFL pack for many participating alongside many portable Sony PlayStation also.

The tipping prizes are not only give at the end of season but the amazing list of prizes includes weekly prizes also. There are some great prizes of $500 being give each week. The last of this will expected to be the single prize worth $5000.

While many AFL tipping establishments are offering their own attractive packages. The real excitement still remains in the best part of this is that you are ultimately supporting the game. Many amazing club offers are there for improving your prize for aiming more.

If you are really wishing to have maximum fun the total wipeout can be totally your thing. With this you can have the cast iron tips to follow. To really enjoy this you might however required to have an account. Which is not that bad just think about the great opportunities that you might be having in whole 16 week-long competition.

The great thing about AFL tips is that you can share it with friends and family too. Not only this you can add the rivals to really push set up your own competition. And enjoys the power of being supreme tipper in the office even. By turning AFL tips into an exciting activity to enjoy with work mates.

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