Tips For Using Vacuum Glass Chambers

When cost is a concern, many researchers turn to the use of glass in the place of metal when they order small bell jar Vacuum Glass chambers. There are many features that are desirable about glass jars, but you really need to take special caution when using them. This includes inspecting them to be sure that they will work properly. Here are some tips that you should start using today.

1. Check For Shipping Damage

When you receive a new order of glass bell jar chambers, you should ALWAYS inspect for any shipping damage. However, do not worried about small scratches or bubbles. When the glass is manufactured, it is almost impossible to avoid these tiny imperfections. However, if there are damages that could not described as ‘tiny’. You should consult the company that you ordered them from.

2. Clean The Surface Regularly

Many people are not sure how they can clean the surface of a glass bell jar vacuum chamber. But, most of the time it is quite alright to use a commercial glass cleaner. Just be sure that it can be washed away completely with water or it may cause clouding on the inner surface.

3. Watch For Cracks

As you continue to use your glass bell jars, there is a good chance that they may develop an amount of cracks. Do not ignore these cracks for too long. If there is a crack on it that is causing a visible dark line, avoid using the vacuum jar.

4. Watch For Clouding

Clouding, cracking and impact impressions can all make the use of a bell jar very unsafe. If you see a deep or long scratch, do not use the jar.

If you follow these four tips, your glass bell jar vacuum chambers will last you much longer. Just remember that you should NEVER use a jar that looks unsafe.

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