Types of Website Hosting Solutions

Website Hosting Solutions exist in a quite a big variety, the determining factor being your needs. The shared website hosting service is the most common. As the name implies, this type of service involves sharing of a single server between many clients in an organization. Here the company offering the services is the one responsible for managing the server to ensure that it is still running besides upgrading software and hardware. The cost of this type of service varies according to the number of clients being hosted per server, as the company offering the service will always seek to make as much profit per server as possible.

Dedicated personal domain hosting on the other hand allows a client to lease a computer and then have access to all of its resources, where they may choose to host one or multiple websites. This is usually the best option for large traffic websites and those which require absolute control of the hosting environment. This type of website hosting can be based on a wide array of web appliances. For instance, sun micro systems are some of the appliances onto which dedicated servers can be placed. White box servers are also other types of appliances compatible with this type of hosting.

Those people with prospects aimed at selling web hosting and related services can opt for reseller services. This simply means that you contract with a provider and then sell their server under your brand name. There are different types of contracts involved here, as there are those which will demand that payment to the provider be made per sign up. The other is where you pay a certain amount of money and then receive your package, which you are free to sell at any rate. You could also opt to lease a server which is dedicated and then reselling the web space making sure that you keep all the profits.

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