UCDM – How To Achieve Inner Peace By Letting Go Of Fear

UCDM: By achieving inner peace you harbor calmness of mind that brings to the surface a blissful you, regardless of what seems to be going on in the outer world, or what life seems to be dishing you in any situation.

Achieving inner peace might only seem to be difficult at times, but it’s the real you simply obscured by the darkness of doubt, guilt, and fear.

Isn’t it strange that a world that has a problem achieving inner peace, where everything is in attack, chaos, and defense, arose from the projections of fear, doubt, and guilt of the original separation from the One-Mind of God, a separation that formed the illusive ego-based mind?

When you are able to bring the light of truth to this, you will know the reality that lies within, and in quietness will take no part in these insane projections any longer.

In order to do so, let’s not place guilt on ourselves, because the past is only the images on the movie screen, and passed down to us from generation upon generation and does not really exist.

Only behind the projection screen is true reality.

Guilt implies the past occurred.

We must not be afraid of the truth, or we are merely believing in what doesn’t exist. This will only guarantee more fear and continued separation and fragmentation of our whole mind.

When you are confronted with this insane form of the original error rising to frighten you, and keeping you from achieving inner peace, simply say to yourself this quick prayer, or use it in meditation:

God is not fear, but He is Love, and Love is All that I Am.

This will help you to see how ridiculous fear really is. We can say this is what is really meant by “The truth will save you” or “The truth will set you free.”

Truth as you possess it will never desert you; so you do not need this insane world giving you substitutions.

Inward is where achieving inner peace and your sanity abides, and every ounce of insanity is outside of you.

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