A Course In Miracles Review – “Is This a Legitimate Opportunity?”

A Course In Miracles in review is a postcard mailing multilevel marketing business opportunity that is integrated into an online opportunity. The company touts that only one single sale can create a windfall of cash flow for the individual. So how does this work and is this a truly legitimate opportunity? Let us take a look at MMM.

Magnetic Money Miracle is a postcard mailing business opportunity that is tied to the Internet. The program is basically an affiliate opportunity with MMM. Through mailing postcards each member will create using personal contact information and some simple ‘ad copy’, will have the opportunity to build an organization of independent business owners. There are 5 levels from which to choose to join which is as follows; Bronze=$500, Silver=$2000, Gold=$3500, Platinum=$6500 and Diamond at a total cost of $12,500 dollars.

On joining this business opportunity the new member will receive a replicated site on the Internet and of course the first 500 postcard mailers. The compensation plan is based upon an affiliate commission structure and multilevel marketing structure. Through recruiting new members there will be the affiliate compensation and of course as the new members procure signups will create added commission to the upline member. Of course after the initial 500 postcards, there will be a charge for different sized packages and for continued marketing with this opportunity. The lowest charge for additional mailings will cost nearly an additional $300 each and every mailing.

The opportunity with Magnetic Money Miracle is a legitimate opportunity with a simple compensation plan and business structure. The program however does tout that there is no skill needed to run the business which in fact will be needed. Although they do offer a mailing list for you, you will need to build upon that through marketing online and offline and this takes skill in network marketing. The fact is, mailing lists do not create themselves and learning how to create them will take some basic knowledge in marketing online to gain attention from individuals who might be interested in your opportunity with Magnetic Money Miracle.

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