BUY VCC – Pranksters And Cheaters Take A Walk

While the advent of information technology in conjunction with BUY VCC has made the life very convenient. As any thing can obtained at the click of a mouse. It has also increased the susceptibility towards frauds as well. The fraudsters after taking the cards and the PIN numbers do online transactions and lead to a situation of despair for many of us.

There was an apprehension that with the intensity of online frauds increasing the luxury of conducting all the business related and personal transactions from the comfort of home may become a thing of the past. But it has not happened like that. After all, the creator is one step ahead than the destroyer.

The lucrative business proposition that the credit card companies have create for themselves could not allowed to die a slow death. So, the panacea was found in the virtual world itself. And the genie unplugged out of the bottle was Virtual Credit Cards.
What is a virtual credit card?

A virtual credit card is a card that exists in a virtual world. It does not have any physical shape or size. The validity of the card is also transaction limit. The card has come into vogue so that the transactions can done in the cyber world without using the physical card. This is to instill confidence in the user about the security of the transaction.

Whenever a transaction is to done through the credit card, and if it has an option to generate virtual credit card. It would give you an option of generating the same on screen, before the transaction is to completed. This is done through a note or a dialogue box that would pop-up on the screen. And would ask you whether you want to use the virtual credit card to complete the transaction. Virtual credit card therefore can also be termed as a pre-paid card in the virtual world.

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