Want A New Car Each Month? Use Car Decals

If you’ve just bought a car, you’re likely still in that phase wherein you’re obsessing about how your car looks. And if you want your car to stand out when you’re driving it on the road, meet your new best friend: Car decals. They are an inexpensive way you can jazz up your car. With auto decals, you can practically give your car a new look every month, so much so that it would almost look like you have a new car each time!

Using decals to spruce up your car is a new and exciting way to design your car. Decals are so varied that you’ll most likely be overwhelmed by the choices you have. There are big decals that can cover the entire length of your car and then there are decals that are just about the size of your hand. There are practically hundreds of ways you can jazz up your car with decals. With decals, your car can truly be an extension of your self. There are now shops that specialize in designing decals for vehiclesand applying them on the car. There are decal kits available that are highly customizable too.

Below are car decals that are most commonly used today:

Window Graphics

These decals are the see-through decals placed on a car’s glass windows. Basically, they help block sunlight. They also help prevent a car’s interior from premature fading. Lastly, these types offer privacy. Decals for windows are made of micro-perforated sheets (similar to vinyl or latex). You can still see the road from the inside of your car, but people outside will only see the design.

Fullside Decals

These vehicle decals are artistic designs pasted on the side(s) of a car. Think of the cars in the film, The Fast and the Furious. Fullside car decals come in a variety of designs. Take your pick: flames, patriotic, tribal art, colors of the European flag, comic characters, checkered geometrics, animals and more. You can have your own design if you wish even. A number of fullside car decal designs come with matching car decals for the hood.

Hood Decals

These car decals are big stickers place right on the center top of the car’s hood. If you want huge and elaborate hood decals for your car, you can go for the hood decals design to mirror images of each other and are spread out over the entire hood of the car. Take note that hood decals are car wash safe. If you go with the magnetic type of hood decals, you can change the design every month or as often as you want.

It doesn’t matter what color your car is, fullside and hood decals come in many different colors that will complement your current paint job. Aside from the more standard colors of black, white, red and Olympic blue, stickers also come in colors like magenta, teal, yellow, beige, gun metal grey, sapphire blue, dark green, burgundy, teal, lime green, orange, even gold and silver. Given all these choices, the possibilities of owning a “new” car every now and then are endless.

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