Fun Things to Know About Paraphrasing Tool Online

Paraphrasing Tool Online are two forms of writing that you need to know about properly. Most of us know the differences between the two. Many students though, do remain confused as to how to paraphrase and summarize. This is why, here is a look at things you may not know about when it comes to summarizing and paraphrasing.

Proper referencing

You need to reference your text properly and ensure that you give credit to the author. So, if you are paraphrasing a certain article, do properly state the article source, the author name as well as the publication or web page.


You cannot copy an idea and state it as your own. You can of course add your own ideas to an article and that is something that is expected of a good writer. When it comes to Paraphrasing Tool Online, you need to rewrite and express in your own words. The original words of the original article cannot be copied in any way. If you copy it, it will amount to plagiarism.

Sentence formation

The sentence formation and words used needs to be totally different. You should not just change the words but the whole paragraphs. However, you need to ensure that the meaning stays the same.

Understanding what is need

While summarizing, make sure what is need. The summary can be just an overview in which case you just need to summarize and state what the original article is about. A summary may also deal with the main points of the article where you concise the article and write in your own words.

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