Submit a Guest Post Technology for Traffic – Is It Worth It?

Submit a Guest Post Technology means writing blog posts and giving them to blogs.

For each blog post you write, there’s an author bio with a link back to your site. After reading your post, readers click on the link to see what else you’ve got.

For the blog owner, it’s free content; for you, it’s a good backlink that gets you both search engine attention and human eyes on your work.

The only trouble is that it’s time consuming.

You’ve got to write the content, which for most of us takes an eternity by itself. Next, you have to find blogs with good traffic and submit to them.

Communicating with blog owners can be tough because they may ask for edits. You also have to keep track of your submissions to make sure you don’t submit the wrong article to the wrong blog.

The traffic that you get from guest posting is usually not monumental, but this all depends on the blog. High-traffic blogs usually have stricter editorial guidelines.

The stuff you give them has to be good. Lower ranked blogs accept anything because they want free content, but you won’t get as much traffic.

What happens is that the week or two after your post is published, you’ll get a surge of traffic from the site. After that, you won’t get anything.

That means all the time you put into writing the post, finding the blog, and managing subscriptions doesn’t get you long-term traffic.

The way around this is to keep submitting blog posts regularly. Set it up so that you submit one weekly. Monday, you write your post. Tuesday, you contact a blog owner. By Friday, your goal is to have it published and drawing traffic.

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