Spiritual Movie Reviews – Science Proving We Are Not Alone

Have you ever seen the movie, Contact? It is one of my favorite movies, because not only has it a great, talented cast and fantastic visual effects, but also because it is a highly Spiritual Movie Reviews, demonstrating that we are not alone in the universe.

From a spiritual standpoint, most of you may believe that God is always with you. However, there are skeptics out there, including the main character of the movie, Ellie Arroway.Her mother died when Ellie was just an infant. She is a highly intelligent child, excelling in science and technology. Her father shows her how to operate a ham radio at a very early age and she works tirelessly to speak with others, beginning with this simple form of radio communication.

She yearns to connect somehow with her mother. This is evident by a question she posed to her father, given as a small child, “Dad, can we talk to mom?”In addition, she asks him, “Hey Dad, do you think there are people on other planets?” His response is, “I don’t know, Sparks, but I’d guess I’d say if it was just us, it seems like an awful waste of space.”Shortly thereafter, her father dies, setting up a more fervent desire in her to look for intelligent life outside the human realm. Throughout the film, you get a sense that Ellie has felt all alone her entire life and you understand that she does not believe in God.Many people try to convince her otherwise, including her love interest, Father Palmer Joss, who is a renowned spiritual advisor.

Ellie explains to Father Joss her belief in the scientific probability of other life in the universe. In response, he states the same line that she once received from her own father, “If there wasn’t, it would be an awful waste of space.”By the end of the film, as an undeterred scientist, she does discover a signal from life outside our world. Following that discovery, a series of circumstances change Ellie’s perspective about being alone. She has an experience that forced her to change her mind; she knew she was not alone and that we are all part of something bigger.

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