What in PC – Ultimate Motherboard Guide

A motherboard can be thought of as the foundation for any computer gadget. It’s far the biggest issue in your computer and offers pathways for all other devices, What in PC, to speak with every different. Consequently, it’s miles vital which you spend some time discovering for a great excellent motherboard.

Principal motherboard specifications

Earlier than you run out seeking out a motherboard, it’s great to recognize a bit about the components that make up the motherboard.


There are two principal chipsets on a motherboard, the northbridge and southbridge controller. The northbridge handles communications with high pace components which includes the cpu, reminiscence, and graphics card. Conversely, the southbridge handles verbal exchange from low speed gadgets which includes i/o ports, hard drives, on-board audio and bios.

Motherboards are designed around those chips, the northbridge dictates what form of cpu’s and memory types are supported, while the southbridge dictates things like the quantity of built in usb ports and whether or not or not the board comes with included audio, video, raid, lan, and so on…


The cpu is insert without delay right into a socket on the motherboard and is liable for processing commands. The forms of cpu supported with the aid of a motherboard rely upon the northbridge controller chip.

Expansion slots

The expansion slots at the motherboard allow you to join outside additives, consisting of picture cards, sound cards, raid controllers, and different various add-on components. The slots come in varying speeds and some are suppose for excessive speed additives handiest. Inclusive of the pci-e x16 and agp slots for photograph playing cards.

Form thing

Form element refers to the size and shape of the motherboard i.E. Its dimensions. Whilst shopping a new motherboard you want to be privy to its form factor due to the fact positive instances and electricity resources simplest work with positive form elements. The maximum not unusual shape aspect is atx and these days maximum motherboards are based on the atx shape thing.


Sticks of reminiscence or ram are insert into special memory slots at the motherboard; maximum motherboards normally have three or four slots. Motherboards usually best help one sort of memory e.G. Ddr, ddr2, ddr3, rambus, for the reason that different types have a exclusive wide variety of pins that connect with the slot.

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