Why Does My Laptop Frequently Freeze?

Why Does My Laptop Frequently Freeze up time and time again? Laptop freezes are really troublesome problems that most of the Windows users may have encountered. Lockup problems cannot only bring about major damages to your laptop but also make you can lose some important documents on your hard drive. It is really a pain in the neck.

Usually laptop freezes can be categorized into 3 types:

1. One or two programs lock up and don’t respond. Other programs are running as usual. You can move your mouse and use your keyboard. Sometimes this type of freeze problem is just temporary and the lockup programs will respond after a while. If the programs never respond, you can press Ctrl+Alt+Del to start Task Manager to end the programs.

2. Screen locks up. In this case, all the programs on your computer freeze up. You will not be able to move your mouse and use your keyboard at all. Your screen doesn’t even respond to Ctrl+Alt+Del. The only thing you can do is to shut down your laptop by pressing the power button. Consequently, you will lose your unsaved works.

3. Laptop freezes and restarts. The second case is not the worst case of laptop lockup. In the third case, you computer can shut down and restart itself. Your machine restarts itself just to avoid further damage to system and protect documents. This is the worst case.

What are the main causes of laptop freezing problems?

One of the commonest causes of PC freezes can be Inadequate RAM sources. If your laptop RAM is lower than 1 G, you will encounter the problem once in a while. It is suggested that you upgrade your RAM to 1 G at lest.

In another case, if you are one of these people who have a habit of running up to 10 or even more programs at a time, you can also expect your laptop to freeze up frequently. If you run too many programs concurrently, the programs will battle for the limited RAM sources. Then some of the programs or your system will lock up and cannot respond owing to shortage of Memory.

But most of the time, laptop freeze is not cause by inadequate RAM sources. 80% Laptop freeze problems can be attributed to the notorious registry errors. Registry not only saves all important instructive information of your system, drivers and programs, but also stores your historical operation records.

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