What Near-Death Experiences and Mystical Teachings Us

Mystical Teachings: Although the connection is obscured by the drama of the circumstances under which they occur, according to the author near death experiences are another form of mystic episodes.

People throughout history have had times when they spontaneously — or deliberately sought, though religious practices — felt a deep connection with the Universe, Life, God, Love… however you may term it. It’s often called cosmic consciousness.

People describe it in different times, but it’s evidently a time of extremely heightened awareness of the ordinary world as some form of illusion. Or at least that the ways we view and experience space/time is an illusion, and that beyond it is a fundamental reality given various terms.

Of course, the main difference between these types of experiences, which can occur at any time, and NDEs is that the latter are much more dramatic and have elements that can be verified.

If a friend tells you they had a profound experience of God while mowing their lawn, you may or may not be impressed.

However, if that same friend suffers a heart attack, goes into a flat line coma but later recovers talking about the Light, you’re going to be more impressed. That’s especially true if they can accurately describe what happened in the hospital operating room while they were technically dead. Especially if the ER doctors and nurses confirm it.

When people have no heart beat, their brain is receiving practically zero oxygen. When their EEGs are flat, their brains have no measurable activity.

This is not a state of sleep or dreaming — which is totally normal and natural — it’s a state where our brains are not even functioning. They certainly should not be able to think in the slightest, let alone go through profound experiences of journeying through a tunnel, meeting dead loved ones and so on.

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