Practical Guide to recover data from Garmin USB Ant Stick

Data retrieval is essential to prevent a significant problem of data loss. Besides, it contributes to the longevity of the system by introducing different useful methods. USB Ant Stick is one of the popular tools for fast backup of records. 

This can contribute quite often to a significant problem with data loss. You must, therefore, solve the issues and conveniently retrieve the information from new files. Get your garmin gps update free of cost from here. There, we discuss the best ways to recover data, and the experts from recovery software support you to solve the problem effectively in case of a severe problem.


Identify and prevent Garmin’s major data loss problem with the USB drive

You need to understand the exact causes behind the data recovery failure to prevent data loss errors. Then, without a doubt, you can quickly resolve the problem. Here, we will present significant recovery problems and synchronize issues on your USB Ant stick.

  • The Garmin Express with an obsolete model.
  • Problems of incompatibility between the USB device Garmin and PC (Mac / Windows) operating system.
  • Incorrect Garmin Connect deployment or defective configuration often causes data recovery problems in the Garmin modem system. 
  • A failure in interaction stops Garmin data recovery very often.


Address the massive Garmin data synchronization error

You have to find the erroneous portion of the device before solving the Garmin device information lost problem. It may happen in Mac as well as in windows. You, therefore, need to be personally aware of these issues, and it is easier to re-sync these data with a data retrieval system.


For Windows

  • Attach the Garmin USB to a PC and open this window with a keyboard pressure on Ctrl+E.
  • Now, from the left panel of the window, locate the Garmin device and see the drive letter for the Garmin stick.
  • Subsequently, close the window in the search box and enter “cmd.”
  • After the command prompt file, right-click and from the pop-up menu, select Run as Admin.
  • Enter the appropriate credentials and start the Prompt command window.
  • Then enter “chkdsk < Letter Drive>:/f” and click Enter to run this command.
  • The disk test system starts running on the Garmin computer automatically after getting the verification. It will also identify and then repair corrupted files from Garmin Express.
  • It takes several minutes for the disk checking program to complete, and after finishing it, you receive a successful message.
  • Once done, reboot the machine and see whether or not the Garmin data sync problem has been resolved.



  • Link the Garmin to a computer and then press Finder.
  • Now, from the menu that appears under the Finder, select applications.
  • Double click on the Applications window folder of the Utility folder then open the Disk Utilities as well.
  • From the window, select the Garmin drive and click.
  • Tap the Repair Disk button and see if the option is deactivated.
  • Tap the Verify Disk option then allow the disk checking process to run. 
  • Once the process is done, restart and recover Garmin info.


Connection error

If there is a connection error between the USB Ant stick and a system, the connection problem should be corrected efficiently. You can also carry out the following steps and easily overcome the ANT stick pairing problem.

  • Check whether or not the USB port is working correctly. If not, a connectivity problem will arise.
  • Now connect the unit Garmin to another port and check if it is system-recognized.
  • Eventually, test Wi-Fi issues and quickly remove the wireless communication error.

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