Types & Features of Arc Welders, Tig Welders, Mig Welder.

Ask anyone in the industry what the hottest equipment is in the world of automotive service equipment and they’ll name items such as plasma cutters, mig welder, and other welding equipment. And, when you try them out and discover the quality of the cuts and welds they make, it’s no surprise. This equipment is a cost-effective and easy-to-use option when compared to the work done by earlier technology.

Mig Welders And Other Automotive Service Equipment

This type of equipment comes in a number of convenient types to repair or make almost anything quickly and easily. With these machines, you’ll look like a seasoned professional. All you need to do is match the machine to the work you’re doing.

Arc Style Machines

The earliest advancement on the traditional torch, arc welders are an entry level of automotive service equipment that are also some of the easiest to use. More commonly known as stick welding, this unit joins thick metals together quickly using an electrode and electric arcs.

Mig Welders

The next step up from an arc welder, mig welders, use a wire feed and produce a lower heat. This prevents metal distortion and allows you to do a higher quality job on thinner metals such as those involved in auto body work.

Mig welders feed a constant stream of wire with a pull of the trigger, but you’ll still need to choose your supplies carefully. Wire, for example, comes in easy-to-use flux core wire for a quick job on thicker materials. Or a gas/solid wire combination for all other work.

The type of gas you use also makes a significant difference on the weld quality. Argon and CO2 are best for stainless steel and aluminum. To prevent the wire feed from sticking on the weld line, be sure to use a Teflon liner. Finally, you’ll need to choose the appropriate wire diameter and tip size.

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate automotive service equipment. You’ll still want to practice on scraps before working on the final piece for the best results. This is particularly true for aluminum and other delicate materials. Also, don’t be afraid to watch the gauges and flow meters on the supply lines as well as on the machine itself. In the end, you’ll find mig welders quick and affordable while still doing a quality job.

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