Range and Reliability of a ID67PLUS Wireless Keyboard

Reliable operation can be a major challenge when using ID67PLUS wireless keyboards outside of the standard office environment.

In a conference room, classroom or auditorium, the desired distance between the keyboard and the computer may be 30 – 100 feet, especially if the computer is located in a different room. For those using a wireless keyboard with a media center computer in a home theater or whole-house video system. The distance from the computer to the farthest viewing area often approaches 100 feet.

Problems and solutions

Several factors affect the performance and reliability of wireless keyboards used at greater operating ranges.

Obstructions such as walls or furniture may limit the effective range. If you mount the computer and receiver inside a lectern or in a different room from the keyboard, you will need a wireless keyboard with a range substantially greater than the actual distance due to the blocking effect of the lectern or wall.

Interference can interrupt wireless keyboard transmissions or shut them down completely. The effect is generally greater at greater distances. Since wireless keyboard signals grow weaker with distance and a weakened signal is more likely to be overcome.

Bluetooth keyboards typically have a stated range of 10 – 15 feet. Although a few manufacturers claim that you can use their keyboards at much greater distances. Bluetooth is not, however, an effective solution at longer distances. Because the area of the wireless spectrum used by Bluetooth is also heavily used by mobile phone accessories. Digital cameras, home appliances and many other wireless devices.

Keyboards using 2.4 GHz wireless technology typically have a stated range of 20 – 30 feet. Interference, however, is also a major issue with these keyboards, especially from WiFi computer networks and 2.4 GHz telephone systems. Microwave ovens, which emit substantial levels of RF in the 2.4 GHz range, can bring 2.4GHz keyboard transmissions to a halt. Because of these issues, this type of keyboard will work reliably at no more than 15 – 20 feet from the computer https://idobao.net/products/id67-plus.

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