What We Know About Heat Capricorn PTFE-Schläuch

History of Capricorn PTFE-Schläuch almost dates to 80 years back in 1938 when it was accidentally discovered. Later, it’s used to develop the Teflon tubing and sheets to use in industrial applications. Often referred as polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE is a combination of fluorine and carbon, which has the lowest friction coefficient.

Teflon PTFE manufacture from the same polymers which are use to develop tubes for plastic extrusion. The process of tube development involves the appropriate mixture of resin which makes these tubes suitable to operate at varying temperature up to 500°F.

The best thing about PTFE is its heat shrink property, which makes it different from other tubes which makes it suitable for protecting wires and cables in various industries and their applications. Appreciating features of heat shrink-able PTFE tubing are like non-sticky nature. Flexibility of working under different temperatures, reducing friction and chemical resistance.

All these features when mixed in one unit, results in emergence of a tubing which satisfies various needs of different industries according to their requirement. Different types of Teflon PTFE tubes for industrial operations can summarized as follows:

Heat Shrink PTFE:

Developed specifically for applications and activities requiring low temperature shrink tube is consider as a cost-effective tubing system. It contracts instantly with element and gets adjust according to size in which it can used for performing any activity. The major features witnessed in these tubes are resistant to sunlight, heat, moisture and fire. With its crystal transparent color it is easier to keep an eye on the flow of liquids through these tubes.

Dual-Wall Tubing:

Dual-wall tubing is a self-explanatory term referring to the tubing system with double layered protection. The tubing system is develop from a soft adhesive, which supports appropriate shrinking ratios for various applications. The major advantage of this type of high quality Teflon PTFE tubing is that it can combined with a variety of materials like plastics, metals and rubber. Use of this tubing system strengthens the mechanical power of wire. And do not allows the emergence of any cut or damage to wiring system. Moving ahead this tubing system is water-resistant. As a general practice, it is mainly use in the military applications.

General PTFE tubing system:

PTFE tubes are mainly know for their hereditary features like chemical and heat resistance, dielectric strength, abrasion resistance and flexibility. The mixture of all these features makes this tubing system an effective solution for various industrial activities where tough bending and high pressure is a common thing.

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